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ProMars is a new token in the Binance Smart Chain network (BSC), which allows each holder to receive permanent passive earnings, paid in $BUSD, a cryptocurrency pegged one-to-one with the USD. This makes it a major contender in the highly-competitive crypto-ecosystem.
What could be more stable and more confident than receiving rewards immediately in $? Promars possesses an anti-whale system that ensures a maximum of 0.2% of the circulating supply. This is to ensure fairness and stability. With every transaction, a small percentage of tokens are automatically transferred to the PancakeSwap liquidity Pool.
Our team really likes the idea of ​​projects that pay rewards to holders immediately in the form of stablecoins (USDT, BUSD). But in reality, there are very few such high-quality projects on the market. That is why we are here!
Think about it. Why do you need extra actions? Why do you need additional risk, which is already too much in cryptocurrency? We do not see the need for this and are more inclined towards stability and Risk aversion. Regardless of the market, whether it goes up or down, you will always know that you have dollars in your portfolio that you can always use in real life. Better yet, when the market falling, you will have the funds to buy back the altcoins at even lower prices. ProMars is the next Big Thing! The Project will be backed by our Kart Racing Game set on Planet Mars. "ProMars -Race For Survival" is a Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game which will be built around the $PMARS coin.
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